ADFIAP supports CSCP’s Sustainability Conference

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ADFIAP is one of the supporting organizations of the conference on “The Future of Sustainable Lifestyles and Entrepreneurship” organized by the UNEP/Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Center on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSSP) to be held in Cologne, Germany on May 24 and 25, 2011.

The conference aims to provide a platform for participants to sample the latest and greatest thinking on sustainable lifestyles, enterpreneurship and intrapreneurship. Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and innovators working on solutions addressing sustainable lifestyles will be invited to test and improve their concepts and business models with potential buyers and promoters.

Roundtable and workshop discussions will provide the next agendas for research, policy and action to promote, incubate and enable sustainability driven lifestyles and entrepreneurship. The marketplace, networking spaces, match-making, and workshops will help participants to identify and engage in activities with tangible impacts today and for future planning.

CSCP was ADFIAP’s partner for its EU-supported “Environmental Governance Standards for Development Banks in Asia “ For those interested to attend the conference, please email ADFIAP at

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