ADFIAP & UK’s CDFA to Cooperate

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ADFIAP and the London-based Community Development Finance Association (CDFA) have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) on February 17, 2006 in Dusseldorf, Germany to share their common vision of building an international partnership and to make a significant contribution in alleviating poverty along the intentions of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Both associations desire to exchange best practices and develop the capacity of organizations in both their memberships to deliver finance and technical assistance to those most in need, thereby pursuing a common sustainable development agenda.

ADFIAP and CDFA agree to jointly cooperate in the following programs and activities:

  • Organize conferences and symposia on sustainable development and poverty reduction issues such as, but not limited to, the environment, micro, small and medium enterprise, socially-responsible investment, and community economic development.
  • Jointly develop and promote training and capacity-building programs, including production of resource materials to enhance the professional and institutional capability of its members and other financial institutions that share the same development objectives.
  • Organize exchange visits for their members, trainers, speakers and staff to encourage strategic partnerships and business networking among themselves and the constituencies they serve.
  • Explore other areas of cooperation such as information exchange, publications, research and studies and website development.

The CDFA is the trade association for community development finance institutions (CDFIs) in the United Kingdom. CDFIs are sustainable, independent financial institutions that provide capital and support to enable individuals or organizations to develop and create wealth in disadvantaged communities or under-served markets.

Ms. Bernie Morgan, CDFA’s Chief Executive and Mr. Octavio B. Peralta, ADFIAP Secretary General signed the cooperation agreement.

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