ADFIAP’s financial inclusion initiatives draw interest from RMIT University Professor’s research

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ADFIAP's financial inclusion initiatives draw interest from RMIT University Professor's researchProfessor Supriya Singh of the Sociology of Communications, Graduate School of Business and Law at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, visited the ADFIAP Headquarters on April 30, 2014 and met with the ADFIAP Consulting (AC) Group regarding the mobile banking initiatives of ADFIAP member-banks and how these relate to financial inclusion, particularly in the Philippines. The AC referred Prof. Singh to ADFIAP member-banks in the Philippines that offer mobile banking services to further her research work on the gender of money as seen in globalization, in the home, when people migrate and the use of information and communication technologies.

Professor Singh leads RMIT Business’ participation in the Smart Services Cooperative Research Centre. She heads the Asia@ RMIT initiative in the College of Business at RMIT University and her current research is on the gender of mobile money in Asia-Pacific which follows on from her 2013 book, “Globalization and Money: A Global South Perspective”. Her research explores how men and women, particularly the poor and the unbanked, use money in ways that empower themselves and their families.

ADFIAP has worked with the Australian APEC Study Centre at RMIT University (AASC) on financial inclusion programs, please click here:

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