Board matters round-up

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Board reconfirms 8 new members

In its meeting in Hanoi on May 9, 2007, the Board reconfirmed the membership applications of the following eight (8) new members: Export-Import Bank of Thailand, Credit Guarantee Corporation of Malaysia, Bank Ekspor Indonesia, First Credit & Investment Bank Ltd. (Pakistan), Export Finance & Insurance Corporation (Australia), Land Bank of the Philippines, National Housing Bank (India) and Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd. (Pakistan).

Board representation increased

The Board approved the Secretariat’s proposal allowing for a “one Board seat for every five (5) members in the country” policy in order to provide greater Board representation for countries having many members. The ADFIAP Constitution allows for a maximum Board seat of 30 voting members.

Training committee to build capacity of trainers

The Board’s permanent working committee on training chaired by Vice Chair, Mr. Falefa Lima of Samoa Development Bank, proposed to implement a two to three-year capacity-building program for trainers and training administrators of member-institutions to enable them to conduct relevant and timely training courses for their officers and staff.

The committee also reviewed the results of the training needs assessment (TNA) survey that was conducted across the membership. The results of the survey showed that for banking operation training needs, the two ADFIAP credentialing programs, i.e., Core Development Banking and Development Bank Management Programs, as well as risk management, project finance, and trade finance were the top 5 training programs needed. For institutional development, the top 5 programs needed were on corporate governance, business strategy, total quality management, organizational development and decision-making.

Other proposals made by the committee included considering to conduct “in-country” training programs for cost effectiveness as well as developing more “practical” training programs using actual case studies by member-banks.

Business Cooperation Committee focuses on member contacts, working together

The working committee on business cooperation chaired by Vice Chair, Mr. Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi of House Building Finance Corporation, wants to start cooperation activities among members by identifying first the contact persons at operational levels in member-institutions as well as get the involvement of their middle-level officers. The committee also wishes to establish a “marketplace” for members and continue the networking sessions that started in Hanoi during the “Delegate-Meets-Delegate” event there. It also would like to find out what are the motivations of members in joining the Association as well as what “de-motivates” them in participating in ADFIAP events. For “big” members like Japan, Canada, China, Korea and others, the committee wishes to find out whether their membership in ADFIAP is “worth their time and money” and that there could be some “business sense” to their membership.

Finance & Relations Committee bats for growth in resources

The working committee on finance and relations chaired by Mr. Nihal Fonseka, DFCC Bank, is looking for ways to improve the financial growth of the Association but with a proviso that ADFIAP has first to make the Association more relevant to its members in terms of services and other benefits of membership. On increasing revenues, the committee would like to continue its initiative to increase membership by requesting each member to recruit one new member this year, pursue grant opportunities such the the one with the European Union, and sustain the momentum gained on the setting up of the ADFIAP Enterprise Fund. The committee also proposed to open the ADFIAP annual meetings for non-members for a token fee and, at the same time, enhance the image and visibility of the Association. On reducing the cost of servicing members, the committee sees that using available technologies such as video conferencing, web-based resources, etc. should be considered. As part of its governance mandate, the committee also reviewed the Secretariat staff remuneration structure and recommended adjustments to conform with prevailing conditions and instituted a performance-based bonus scheme. It authorized the Chairman to set the guidelines and to implement these reforms.

Chairman to stand down in 2008

ADFIAP Chairman, Ambassador Jesus P.Tambunting, Chair and CEO of Planters Development Bank in the Philippines, announced that he is standing down as Association Chair in the next annual meetings of ADFIAP in 2008 after serving for four years. The early announcement, he said, would allow for a succession process to proceed. Among his many achievements as ADFIAPChair, Ambassador Tambunting is credited for his efforts in refocusing the Association’s mission to sustainable development initiatives through responsible financing and for growing the Association in terms of membership and making it more visible, credible and financially-stable.

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