Celik, CEO of the Year

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Mr. Abdullah Çelik’s remarkable achievement in the field of development finance and his sterling performance as Chairman and CEO of the Development Bank of Turkey (DBT) has made him stood out among the other nominees for this year’s Outstanding CEO of the Year award.

Mr. Celik is credited with transforming DBT from a government funding agency into a leading market and customer-oriented financial intermediary with an efficient and effective project financing and wholesale banking operation. Under his leadership, the Bank has become an extremely vibrant entity with a sustainable performance.

Institution Builder: Mr. Celik introduced a significant revision in the Bank’s business strategy through a new organizational structure and work flow, with focus on improving the lending process. With this, the Bank’s lending process was shortened from 120 days in 2005 to 30 days at the end of 2009. He also instituted major changes in human resource development, recruiting young experts that has significantly reduced the average age of the Bank to promote dynamism as well as providing training programs to the Bank’s staff and officers to improve their capacity and prepare them for more competitive and qualitative development banking.

Image Builder: Mr. Celik led the Bank’s re-branding process with a new logo and complementing it with marketing and promotion activities. “Kalk?nma” has been launched as a short form of the name “Türkiye Kalk?nma Bankas?” instead of TKB. The re-branding enhanced the Bank’s image.

Sustainable Development Banker: Mr. Celik’s focused the Bank’s lending strategy on two key areas: direct lending and apex banking. In direct lending, the Bank concentrated on the renewable energy and energy efficiency projects which have strengthened its foothold in the market for environmental project financing. The apex banking enabled the Bank to serve small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which are unable to qualify for direct lending but have a significant role in achieving national development objectives.

Growth Builder: Under Mr. Celik, the Bank had a stable increase in the total assets, i.e., 48% and 36% in 2008 and reached 62% as of the end of 2009. During the period 2005 to 2009, the Bank also achieved 180% increase in total loans.

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