GA, delegates issue Istanbul Declaration

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The ADFIAP General Assembly (GA) and other attending delegates to the 35th ADFIAP Annual Meetings held in Istanbul, Turkey from April 25-27, 2012 have issued the “Istanbul Declaration”, a written set of action plans for them and the Association to consider working on in pursuing their sustainable development mission, as follows:

Declaration Agenda No. 1
Enhancing Governance and Institutional Strengthening

ACKNOWLEDGING that the Association and its members’ mission of advancing sustainable development cannot be achieved without their adherence to good governance standards and best practices, ADFIAP commits to support and sustain programs and initiatives that strengthens these conventions, particularly ADFIAP’s ‘DFIs for Good Governance Program’.

Declaration Agenda No. 2
Invigorating the DFIs’ Countercyclical Role

REALIZING the tremendous impact of the countercyclical role that development finance institutions played in helping mitigate the effects of the global financial and economic crisis by re-stimulating national economies through the provision of continuous flow of funds to key economic sectors, ADFIAP and its members will strive more to innovate and seek solutions to contribute to national development efforts by, among others, working closely with government, other national, regional and international financial institutions, and all stakeholders.

Declaration Agenda No. 3
Boosting Support to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

RECOGNIZING that micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are the largest generators of employment and innovation in the economy and that most member-DFIs already provide financial and technical assistance to the sector, ADFIAP and its members will continue to enhance existing programs and services as well as develop new ones to boost the MSMEs’ access to both financial and non-financial assistance to further spur the sector’s development and growth.

Declaration Agenda No. 4
Accelerating Green Financing for Sustainable Development

ACKNOWLEDGING the enormity and scope of investments required to mitigate the dangerous effects of climate change, ADFIAP and its members will continue to pursue green financing initiatives by providing funds for energy efficiency programs, clean and renewable energy, low-carbon transportation, water and sanitation, waste treatment, green buildings and housing, sustainable agriculture and forests and other related environmental projects.

Declaration Agenda No. 5
Initiating Partnerships for Investment and Development

COMMITTING to the mission of ADFIAP in advancing sustainable development in members’ countries, particularly in using development finance as an instrument to catalyze economic, environmental and social development, ADFIAP and its members will continue to seek private-public partnerships and collaborative undertakings with regional and international financial institutions in the field of infrastructure development to further promote investment and sustain economic growth.

Declaration Agenda No. 6
Developing and Scaling up Financial Inclusion Initiatives

REEMPHASIZING the importance of social responsibility as a critical mandate, ADFIAP and its member-DFIs will continue to develop and scale up financial inclusion initiatives such as microfinance, financial literacy programs, provision of technology-based financial services, improving credit information and asset registry systems and related endeavors.

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