IDF conducts 2-week executive leadership program

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EXCEL_webADFIAP’s Institute of Development Finance (IDF) conducted its 2-week certificate course on “Executive Leadership Program” (EXEL) from December 8-19, 2014 and granted the credential, “Certified Development Bank Executive” to seven (7) participants from ADFIAP members in Samoa, Bhutan, Palau and the Philippines.

EXEL covered discussions of the vital role of development financing institutions (DFIs) in the economic and social progress of a developing country as well as their responsibilities as financial institutions. The course also provided a deeper insight on the need for long-term development finance in the operation of development banks.

The first module was devoted to discussions on principles and practices of development banking as well the changes happening in the provision of development finance. Also discussed were the trends and outlook for the future of development banks. The second module was designed to provide participants with important knowledge and skills in good corporate governance and management of human resource, envisioned to provide participants with skills in leadership and strategic management. The learning gains from this program were aimed at helping senior officials of development banks in providing a leadership role in managing DFIs.

Aside from in-depth classroom discussions, the program also afforded the participants to visit the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) where they were briefed on the Bank’s strategic and operational planning processes, HR management and managerial responsibilities.

The main resource person of the program was Dr. Alberto Pena, Professor and Associate Director of the Office International Studies and Programs at the Illinois State University, U.S.A. Other speakers included Mr. Orlando P. Pena, former Secretary General of ADFIAP and President of ABC Consultants and Dr. Cesar G. Saldana, Founding Fellow, Institute of Corporate Directors.

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