IDF conducts virtual seminar-workshop on “Scaling-up Leadership in the New Economy & Normal”

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The Asia-Pacific Institute of Development Finance (IDF), ADFIAP’s professional training and career service center, virtually conducted an international seminar-workshop on “Scaling-up Leadership in the New Economy & Normal” on November 16-21, 2021 from 12:00 pm to 4:00, Philippine Time.  

The program is part of a series of online learning sessions for ADFIAP members and development partners to reshape the personal and team leadership “on the ground,” organization-wide, to embrace the new economy and normal resiliently and grow from it.

The new economy, which is characterized by unprecedented governments’ borrowing and spending, de-globalization and shifts in the global supply chain, and the internet of things, has come too fast too soon sweeping a whole people off their feet for the long term towards a new normal.  It drastically affects all of the countries’ economic health variables such as income, consumption, production, employment, savings & investment, taxation, government borrowings & expenditures.  For the adaptable and resilient, these are opportunities; for those who are not, these are disrupters.  All these were covered during the seminar workshop.

Senior Executives and board members, key team leaders who are on top of the personal, team, and organization leadership-level execution of governance matter attended the program.   The Resource Speaker was Efren Elane, a seasoned Chief Human Resource Officer and a Change Lead Coach who leads teams or coaches team leaders in creating new business opportunities to increase revenues, profits, and ROAs, through their people and organization. 

The program was highly rated by the participants. For inquiries and how ADFIAP can help through training and consulting services, please email at

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