IDF grants credentials to 10 more DFI managers

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ADFIAP’s Institute of Development Finance (IDF) has granted the credential “Affiliate in Development Bank Management” to ten (10) DFI officers from Bhutan, Nigeria, Vanuatu, and the Philippines, who successfully completed the 5th Development Bank Management (DevMan) Program run by the IDF from November 21 to December 2, 2011 in Manila, Philippines.

The DevMan is Level II of the three-level ADFIAP’s Career Credentialing Program (ACCP). The ACCP is a process of accrediting and recognizing the professional competence of a development banker. The credentialing program covers the professional staff of development banks and financial institutions engaged in the financing of development of members of ADFIAP and other development banking organizations and associations with which the ADFIAP has a working agreement.

The DevMan is a two-week program aimed at enhancing the managerial capabilities of DFI officers in development bank management. The program has two modules. Module 1 covers topics on Bank Operation Management and Financial Management System which includes such topics as techniques in project identification, performance management, credit analysis for investment loans and treasury. Module 2 includes General Management of People which covers topics on cultural issues and differences, simplifying complex communication, issues in managing people in various countries and problem solving in development operations and projects.

Apart from lectures and workshops, the participants also visited three (3)ADFIAP member-DFIs in the country: Landbank of the Philippines where they were briefed on the strategic management of a universal bank, and how it fulfills its mandate and achieve revenue targets; Planters Development Bank where they were briefed on the banks’ operation and management of SMEs and micro finance lending, and financial risk management; Philippine Export-Import Credit Agency (Phil Exim) where they have learned the agency’s organization, management and special issues in a guarantee bank. The participants also visited the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) where they learned how the Philippine Central Bank regulates DFIs.

The main resource person was Dr. Alberto Peña, Professor and Associate Director of the Office of International Studies and Programs at the Illinois State University, U.S.A. The other speaker was Mr. Orlando P. Peña, former ADFIAP Secretary General and the current President of ABC Consultants.

For more information on ADFIAP’s credentialing programs, please visit the IDF microsite at

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