Members issue Tehran Declaration

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ADFIAP members attending the 12th Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly on April 29, 2008 in Tehran, Iran, have approved the issuance of the “Tehran Declaration” that embodies their hopes and aspirations for the Association in the near term. Following are the pronouncements:

Declaration No. 1 Innovation and Sustainability: Realizing that its members’ sustainability as development finance institutions is continuously challenged by the ever-changing dynamics of global as well as local economic conditions, ADFIAP needs to be in constant search for fresh ideas, emerging trends and innovative solutions and to document, disseminate and share these issues to the general membership and its stakeholders. Organizing and conducting best practice exchanges among members, undertaking research and publishing studies as well as working with same-purposed institutions are among the measures that can be adopted going forward.

Declaration No. 2 Governance and Sustainable Development: Acknowledging that the Association and its members’ mission of advocating sustainable development cannot be achieved without the collective action and adherence to good governance standards and best practices, ADFIAP commits to support and sustain programs and initiatives that strengthens these conventions, particularly its DFIs for Good Governance program with the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).

Declaration No. 3 Investing in the Environment: Recognizing that engagement with and tackling on environmental concerns and issues, including climate change, both within member-institutions and those of their clients, has considerable developmental and social impact, ADFIAP will continue with its Greening of DFIs program that institutionalizes policies, procedures and practices of good environmental governance and in partnership with the United Nations Environmental Program and other organizations advocating similar objectives and initiatives.

Declaration No. 4 DFIs and Sustainable Investments: Committing to its objectives of being mainstream institutions in the sustainable development arena, ADFIAP and its members will continue to explore sustainable investments and other business opportunities, particularly in their support to micro, small and medium enterprises (sSMEs), housing and infrastructure development, water sector finance, ecotourism, organic agriculture, renewable and clean energy technology, etc. as well as to relate and partner with like-minded development institutions around the world that will contribute to the attainment of this goal.

Declaration No. 5 Research and Capacity-Building: Strengthening its unique competency in research, training and capacity-building in development finance, ADFIAP will develop its Asia-Pacific Institute of Development Finance or IDF as the Knowledge Hub on Development Finance by expanding its current programs to include new courses in micro and SME financing, sustainability reporting, Islamic banking, key performance indicators, training-the-trainors, communications, and publishing existing materials and new case studies having Asia-Pacific contents, market relevance and classroom value.

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