New ADFIAP Website Up

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ADFIAP has recently uploaded its new website at containing the projects, services and activities of the Association as well as a rich resource of information on development banking. It is still a work in progress though and continuing enhancements will be done to make it more interactive with potentially an e-commerce capability in the near future.

The new ADFIAP website has been designed to be simple and navigatable, with clickable icons of its sustainable development projects such as the EU-supported environmental governance standards (EGS), the SME Finance Initiative and the CIPE-funded corporate governance program. It also highlights the main services of the Association like the training events of the Institute of Development Finance (IDF), the ADFIAP Awards Programme, the Annual Conference and the Country Host Programme.

The website also features ADFIAP’s international program sponsors like the EU and CIPE as well as international partners UNEP/FI, InWEnt, AOTS, CDFA, CSCP, all with links to their websites.

For the Board, a separate facility with username and password provides easy access to files, minutes and other relevant matters on Board governance. Potential members can also directly access application forms and a forwarding email address. Other features will be added soon for the convenience of members and the public at large.

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