Partners Meet to “Finetune” Research Studies

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The Environmental Governance Standards (EGS) Project partners – ADFIAP, Germany’s Wuppertal Institute for Climate Change, Environment and Energy (WI) and the UK’s Sustainability Research Institute, School of Earth & Environment (SRI) at the University of Leeds – will be having a technical meeting at the WI Headquarters in Germany on February 14-16 to discuss and “finetune” the on-going research studies being undertaken by WI and SRI.

The two research studies include a background research on the internal environmental performance monitoring practices in European financial institutions which can be adopted for the internal application within Asian DFIs and the other one is on the environmental rating standards for loan appraisal and project finance in Europe which can be used as a model for Asian DFIs.

These research activities aim to build within Asian DFIs, an Internal Environmental Performance Monitoring Program (IEPM) that comprises of environmental management policies, tools and instruments which would enable Asian DFIs to well manage their internal functions and operations; and as an external dimension, an Environmental Rating Standard for Loan Appraisal and Project Finance (ERS) as a set of concrete measures for integrating environmental issues in established risk assessment in lending to borrowers.

The two research works will then be tested in Asia through a couple of sub-regional working conferences slated to be held in Vietnam this March and in India in June. For more details on the EGS project, please log on to its website at

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