Secretariat mourns the passing of one of its own

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Rey 3Teodato “Rey” Lazo, the ADFIAP Secretariat’s assistant accountant/finance officer is dead at 44. He succumbed to a massive stroke while commuting to work on January 9, 2013 and never recovered in the hospital. He is survived by his wife, Ma. Rosario Lazo and 3 children. Rey started his career with ADFIAP in May 16, 1997 and has put his dedicated best to fulfill his role in the Secretariat. Farewell,Rey. You will be missed.

A tribute to Rey from his co-workers

Rey is usually the last person to see me in my office before I travel for a mission abroad. He carries with him two brown folders, one contains my travel money and a receipt that I have to sign for it and the other has checks, vouchers and bank papers I have to co-sign for the office needs while I am out of station. A man of few words, I could sense, without really uttering the words, that he wishes to say, “Good luck on your mission and safe travel, Sir.” As a co-worker for many years, he is a tireless and dedicated team member who knows his role and responsibilities. In my chats with him during office breaks, he would fondly talk about his family who lives in the province and how he misses them. During occasions when he brings his young children to the office, he would usher them to my room to pay respect and ask for blessing from me, a Filipino tradition of “mano po” (a gesture of putting my hand to their foreheads), a sign that he is indeed a good and respectful father. I saw him alive last late in the afternoon of January 7 as I prepare to leave the office to fly to Yangon for an official mission the following morning and, as always and at the precise moment, he will enter my room with two brown folders in tow. I will miss you, Rey. Farewell for the time being. — Bobby Peralta


I’ve known Rey since 2009 when I joined ADFIAP Consulting (AC). In those 4 years, he struck me as a quiet guy who was dedicated to his job and who loved what he was doing which accounts for his contagious pleasant disposition. He always managed to flash his trademark smile no matter how busy he was, which brought good vibes to people he interacted with. There were times when the ACTeam would barrage him with urgent finance-related requests which he always accommodated with dispatch matched with the Rey Lazo grin. His desk may look disheveled but trust Rey…..he knows exactly where to look for a report, a request, a billing statement, a receipt, a check, etc. I am sure whoever will be tasked to untangle Rey’s “maze” will do it with a heavy heart, not because of the pending/unfinished work at hand, but more of the vacuum that he left. AC will miss you, Rey, we will miss your silent but reverberating presence. We are sad that you will no longer be with us physically, but at the same time, happy knowing that we now have a Guardian Angel who will be watching over and guiding the ADFIAP Family in all its endeavors. Thank you, Rey, for having crossed paths in life’s journey— Cora Conde


I have known Rey as a simple, good-natured and soft-spoken person. I have worked with him for more than 4 years and whenever I request him to do something for the ADFIAP Consulting Team, he will always give you that gentle nod, “yes ma’m” coupled with a smile. He never refuses requests and gives you the feeling that it is his priority as he understands the need for it. At times when his records need to be reconciled with AC or when documents need to be signed by AC, he patiently waits for our meetings to finish no matter how long it takes. Rey is a man of few words, full of tact and respect, with a witty sense of humor.

The day before Rey suffered a stroke, I called up ADFIAP and looked for Rey as I wanted to talk to him about a certain project but was told that he left already…..not knowing that he will be leaving us for good and will no longer be able to talk to him again. We will surely miss you, Rey —Cecile Ibarra


I dread the days that I will see an empty seat and unruffled papers on Rey’s desk as I am used to seeing his desk filled with OR’s, Statement of Accounts, BIR receipts and other financial records that keeps his little corner so alive, vibrant and yes….so cluttered. But make no mistake about it because his mind and memory are so sharp that he remembers every tiny piece of paper and files he keeps on his desk. During days when preparations for international events get to be stressful, I pass by his desk to de-stress my mind and we talk about his family, his kids whom he adores amazingly. I find it hard to believe that here is a guy who endures travelling long hours, 12 hours one-way during weekends to visit his wife and kids in his hometown and come back to Manila on Mondays, recharged and full of stories about his weekend trip. That is the Rey we know, a family-oriented guy with simple dreams of giving the best education to his kids and a better future to his family. We will miss a true friend and co-worker gifted with a great sense of humor— Sandy Lim


I met Rey in 1995 when I was applying for a job in ADFIAP. Upon learning that I’m an Ilocano (people from Northern Philippines), Rey approached me and said in Ilocano language “tagaano ka lakay?” (where are you from buddy?). I replied telling him where I came from. Being an Ilokano himself, Rey was always there to help me with my work-related questions during my early days with the Association. Rey is a go-getter person who is very much dedicated to his job. We’ll surely miss you “lakay”— Robert Juan


Yes, he was indeed a very kind-hearted fellow. I will never forget how he patiently explained to me the simple, basic accounting matters, which to me are still very complicated. When we heard the news that Rey suffered a stroke, we were in disbelief. While Rey was in the hospital, we comforted each other by sharing stories of Rey which made us laugh and felt teary-eyed, and a hope that he would still be with us. Upon learning that Rey passed away that morning of Jan 11, our sadness was unbearable. We shed tears and silently offered a prayer for an officemate who will always be in our hearts. We will always remember Rey with warm, loving memories—Liza Olvina


Many things have been said already about Rey, I have experienced too those good things about him since I started my career here in ADFIAP way back 2009. He maybe a quiet guy, a man of few words, but when he started to crack a joke, you will surely look at him to listen and take pleasure in that very moment, that is the other side of Rey. Though we were pressured at times especially when we are preparing for an international event and/or our sustainability report, he always make himself available to assist me, definitely a good team player. I cannot bring the old days back when we were together, he may not be with us physically but his memories will live forever. Thanks for the friendship Rey— Enrique Florencio


The very first time I have met Rey was when he applied for work here in ADFIAP. I could still recall there are so many applicants then, but I chose him as my staff because I see in him the potential of a good worker and a hardworking one. I was right in choosing him because Rey is a very dedicated co-worker and a family man, always with a helping hand and readily serves with a smile. This is how I remember the kind-hearted Rey. I never treated him as my staff but as a friend because of our good working relationship here in the office and we always discuss matters concerning our families. He is a very loving husband to his wife Bing and a caring father to his children. We will miss you Rey, we all love you here in ADFIAP. – Lori Cervantes

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