Secretariat sets plans, gears up for 2012

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The Secretariat, the ADFIAP Consulting team as well as key resource persons met on January 12, 2012 to review last year’s performance and set the directions and plans for 2012. The heads of the Secretariat’s business units – the Institute of Development Finance (IDF), the ADFIAP Consulting (AC) and the ADFIAP Responsible Citizenship (ARC) Center – and its operations unit – the Membership & Events Management Unit, the Knowledge Management Unit and the Finance and Administration Unit – all presented their respective achievements and goals for the year. These presentations were preceded by a benchmark assessment of the Secretariat’s performance and an overview of the role, strategic plan and directions of the Association by the ADFIAP Secretary General.

The IDF has put out its 2012 calendar of activities, highlighted by its three credentialing programs – the Core Development Banking Program (Level 1), the Development Bank Management Program (Level 2) and the Fellow in Development Banking Program (Level 3). A new and innovative offering by the IDF this year is the Tandem Training Program which offers three (3) different courses in one programme to accommodate more participants and be cost effective at the same time. Three such programs are being developed that covers financial management, human resource management and project management; Bank Operation Level I covering customer service, legal aspects and financial management and Bank Operation Level II covering credit management, treasury management and monitoring and control aspects. For more details, please email

The AC has developed, among others, two institutional offerings – the SME Access to Finance (SME A2F) and SME Banking Business Opportunity – whose target markets are industry associations, chamber of industries, cooperatives, bank associations and financial institutions. AC also aims to conduct capacity-building and coaching services in collaboration with ADFIAP members and other partner-organizations.

The Membership & Events Management Unit listed, among others, ADFIAP’s two big ticket events – the 35th Annual Meetings to be held on April 25-27, 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey hosted by the Development Bank of Turkey and the CEO Forum IX to be co-organized with the African Association of DFIs in November 2012 in South Africa (dates and venue to be confirmed).

The Knowledge Management Unit presented its plans and programs, notably the soon-to-be launched ADFIAP Online Learning Platform which has features such as a community portal, an e-campus, discussion board and many others. This will usher the Association into a full-ledged service organization, with both robust face-to-face and online capabilities.

The Finance and Administration Unit presented, among others, the latest financial condition of the Association which has reached an asset base of over one million US dollars.

Key resource persons who attended and shared their inputs included Mr. Orlando P. Peña, former ADFIAP Secretary General and current President of the ABC Consulting; Dr. Alberto Peña, Professor and Associate Director of the Office of International Studies and Programs at the Illinois State University and IDF faculty; Mr. Max Edralin, Jr., Public Relations Consultant of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) and PR Consultant of ADFIAP; and Mr. Victor Abainza, Executive Director, PDB-FMO Development Center of Planters Development Bank.

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