SME Study Tour Program Thailand Highly-rated

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ADFIAP and SME Bank Thailand’s study tour program on SME finance held in Bangkok and surrounding provinces from December 12 to 15, 2006 was a hit to the thirteen participants from 10 ADFIAP member-institutions in 6 countries. They were joined by four officers and staff of SME Bank Thailand’s international cooperation unit.

The 3-day event afforded the participants to learn from SME Bank Thailand, the SME promotion board of the country, and from each other, both the financial and non-financial assistance to SMEs. They also learned from the SMEs themselves and had firsthand experience by visiting four Thai enterprises such as those engaged in ceramics, crystal, metalworking and armor-plating for security vehicles.

The SME tour program is a series of on-the-job training programs under ADFIAP’s SME Finance Initiative (SME/FI) project to highlight assistance to SMEs by member-banks of ADFIAP and to learn from the process. The Thai program is fifth of such events which were earlier twice held in Japan and the Philippines. In addition to these countries, a Malaysian, Vietnamese and Indian program are being planned for 2007.

For more information and interest, please email Ms. Sandy Lim at For more details on the materials used, factory visits made, and photos, please visit the SME/FI website at

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