Soros Sakornvisava, CEO-of-the-Year

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Mr. Soros Sakornvisava, President of the SME Development Bank of Thailand, was proclaimed Outstanding CEO-of-the-Year during the ADFIAP Awards gala dinner held in Istanbul, Turkey on April 25, 2012. The ADFIAP Award Board of Judges cited Mr. Sakornvisava for his vision and leadership in transforming the Thai development bank as the country’s leading government financial institution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), an important sector of the economy.

The Bank’s remarkable transformation under his helm has spanned across the entire organization by integrating the work standards of a strict, fast, transparent and customer-centric service culture into its core business operation. Under his watch, Mr. Sakornvisava initiated the SME Development Program for the benefit of its clients with the whole idea of SME sustainable growth. His principles of fairness, accountability and transparency, all hallmarks of good governance, have afforded the Bank to harness the full potential of its staff, decrease its non-performing loans, provide fast credit approval, and introduce innovative financing schemes which have eventually earned for the Bank an excellent rating in the industry.

The Outstanding CEO Award is given to a practicing chief executive officer whose singular talent, leadership, vision and achievement, in the judgment of the Awards Board, stands out among the other nominees of the award. Without focusing on the size of the institution, the judges assesses the stature of the individual, the positive effects that the person leadership has had on his of her institution, and the impact this leader’s decision have had in the development banking profession, in particular, and on the development of the country, in general.

Congratulations, Mr. Sakornvisava!

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