Venkat Subramanian, CEO of the Year

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The ADFIAP “CEO of the Year” Award went to Mr. TC Venkat Subramanian of Exim Bank India. The award is given to an exceptional individual whose performance and achievements, to the judgement of the Awards Board, stand out from among the other nominees for the awards.
Mr. T.C. Venkat Subramanian was cited for leading Exim Bank India to new heights. Under his stewardship, the Bank has continued to exhibit exceptional business and financial performance. During the financial year 2006, the Bank’s loan approvals increased by an impressive 29% and disbursements by 31% over the previous year, while the total loan assets of the Bank exceeded Rs.180 billion, an increase of 34% over the previous year. This builds upon the significant increases already achieved in FY 2003, FY 2004 and FY 2005.

During his tenure, Exim Bank India has been playing a key role in catalyzing and facilitating India’s exports. To this end, Mr. Venkat Subramanian, through his inspiring leadership, has broadened and deepened the range of activities of the Bank through several initiatives going well beyond the role of a traditional export credit agency.

Mr. Venkat Subramanian has also enhanced the Bank’s visibility and standing with its various constituencies including through participation and leadership in international events such as meetings of Forum of Asian Exim Banks (an initiative, incidentally, of Exim Bank India); the creation of a Global Network of Export-Import Banks and Development Finance Institutions (in which he has been the key initiator with United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and is the Honorary President); meetings of the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and African Development Bank; and as a featured, invited speaker in international programmes/conferences.

Mr. Venkat Subramanian, given his deep and abiding interest in enhancing the quality of life in the village and rural sector, has positioned the Bank as an enabler, facilitator, innovator and financier of micro and grassroots enterprises, groups of village and rural entrepreneurs, ventures in co-operative sector. This has resulted in extensive working arrangements being set in place with microfinance institutions, non-governmental organizations, self-help groups, cooperatives to help small enterprises in this crucial sector to become international players. In the process, while addressing the needs of employment generation and sustainable development in a cross-section of society that is relatively disadvantaged, he has unstintingly worked towards helping them to achieve an international dimension in their endeavours.

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