WB, WFDFI publish global report on national development banks

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The World Bank Group, in cooperation with the World Federation of Development Financing Institutions (WFDFI), has published the “2017 Survey of National Development Banks” which has four sections.

The first section analyzes the general features of development banks – age, ownership structure, size in terms of assets – and the countercyclical role they played during the recent past. The second section examines their business operations, focusing on funding instruments, types of clients, financial and nonfinancial products and services, loan pricing, and use subsidies. The third section analyzes their recent financial performance in terms of their profitability and soundness, their corporate governance arrangements, how they are regulated and supervised, and what instruments they use to monitor and evaluate their business activities. The fourth section covers their challenges and highlights areas for further reform.

The WFDFI comprises of four regional associations – the African Association of Development Financing Institutions (AADFI), the Latin American Association of DFIs (ALIDE), the Association of National Development Finance Institutions in Member-Countries of the Islamic Development Bank (ADFIMI) and ADFIAP which is currently its Secretariat.

For copies of the report, you may please email the ADFIAP Secretariat at inquiries@adfiap.org

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