BIM funds Iran’s first solar power plant

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Apart from being a specialist development bank in the field of industry and mining, the Bank of Industry and Mine (BIM) is also active in other areas like infrastructure development as shown in its support in funding the construction of the very first solar power plant of Iran.

BIM has seen the potential for Iran to capitalize on the numerous sunny days in the country which can be a source of clean energy, hence, investing more than USD30M for the construction of the very first solar power plant in Iran.

The project is expected to increase capacity of electricity generation, lessen the risk of electrical outage in the deprived regions, and to localize the technology of holding solar power plants.
Other benefits of this project include the creation of direct and indirect jobs in Iran’s central and southern province, and increasing the engineering standard in the county.

BIM’s “Gostaresh Energy Atieh No Facilities” won the 2017 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project Awards under the Infrastructure Development Category.

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