BCI sponsors projects and activities beneficial to communities

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Cook Island’s BCI is committed to being involved in sponsoring community activities and worthwhile society objectives. The involvement is widely based and support has been provided to schools (both primary and secondary), community bodies, health and professional organizations, among others. In the past, BCI was the principal sponsor for the Cook Islands Business and Professional Women’s Association’s “Success Series”. CIBPWA is a professional body that recognizes and promotes the contribution made by women to the community and professional advancement.

BCI has also maintained a weekly newspaper column dedicated to the benefit of young writers to express their views and enhance their writing skills. The Bank has also sponsored the Cook Islands Women of the Month Award, a program organized by the Cook Islands National Council of Women and The National Olympic Committee that recognizes women who have made a valuable contribution to their community and society in general.

Going forward, BCI will continue its focus on sponsorships to recognize projects that will benefit the people of the Cook Islands.

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