IBAR’s aggregate capital raised by 61%

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Assets of the International Bank of Azerbaijan Republic (IBAR) increased for one year by 24.8, amounting to AZN 6.42 B as for July 1, 2013. IBAR’s loan portfolio increased versus first half-year 2012 by 31.2% and as for July 1, 2013 made AZN 4.473 B. Loans granted to individuals reached AZN 518.8 B. People’s deposits in the Bank as for results of first half-year 2013 was AZN 1.482 B. Their growth was 40.7% versus 1 July 2012. Aggregate capital of the Bank reached AZN 765.56 M, which exceeds the index for July 1, 2012 by 61.4%. The Bank’s authorized capital for the year reached up to AZN 340 M. In accordance with results for first half-year 201, the Bank’s net profit amounted AZN 24.3 M, by growing versus the existing index for half-year 2012 by 44.6%. For the end of half-year 2013 ROA rate amounted 0.38%, ROE rates amounted 4.31% against 0.34% and 3.90% as for July 1, 2012.

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