IPDC Finance Ltd cultivates employee generosity through a social service club

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Giving back to the community, whether in the form of corporate or individual social responsibility, is a noble way of showing an utmost care. The IPDC Finance of Bangladesh is a classic example of an organization that puts premium on its corporate social responsibility activities.

In 2017, the IPDC Finance, through its employees, put up the first ever in-house social service club called, “Ucchash Social Service Club”. The sole purpose of the club is to inculcate empathy and benevolence among the employees of the organization as well as cover wider scopes of generous activities that are unable to accommodate within the social responsibility budget of the company. Every benevolent activity of the employees is measured in terms of voluntary hours which is further categorized at individual as well as organizational level.

Employees are given titles for reaching different levels of philanthropy based on the number of voluntary hours achieved which motivates them to extend their efforts beyond the usual norms. Examples of these philanthropic activities of the employees are “Share a Meal”, distributing their lunch to the needy, and “No Fuel Day” where all employees including the CEO himself boycott fuel run transport for the day. These are observed once a month with a hope to bring a passionate change in society.

“Ucchash Social Service Club” is just one of the many CSR activities of the IPDC Finance Ltd under its “Crafting Tales of Joy, Creating Stories Rather (CSR)” project which received a Merit Award in the 2018 ADFIAP Outstanding Project Award under corporate social responsibility category.

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