JBIC promotes GREEN and GATE initiatives

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ADFIAP Special Member, the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), is currently promoting, among others, two financial assistance programs, i.e., the Global action for Reconciling Economic growth and Environmental preservation or “GREEN” and the Guarantee and Acquisition toward Tokyo Market Enhancement or “GATE”.

GREEN provides loan, equity and guarantee to sovereign as well as non-sovereign clients such as utilities operating closely with governments and financial institutions, both national and international. Eligible projects include those that have a favorable impact on preservation of the global environment such as projects that significantly reduce greenhouse gases emissions and those that accept the JBIC-MRV, its original methodology for measurement, reporting and verification process, such as energy efficiency improvement, renewable energy, etc.

GATE provides guarantee to or partial acquisition of both public and private placement of Samurai bonds in the Tokyo market. This enables governments as well as government agencies to raise money through bond issuance for Japanese investors.

The ADFIAP Secretariat was informed of these initiatives by Mr. Sumio Ishikawa, JBIC Chief Representative in the Philippines during its meeting with him in the JBIC Manila office. For more information on these two programs, please contact the appropriate JBIC offices found in this link: https://www.jbic.go.jp/en/about/office/index.html

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