Kalkinma, Zorlu Energy agree on USD23 million energy-efficiency loan

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The Development Bank of Turkey (Kalk?nma) agreed to provide USD 23 million energy-efficiency loan to Zorlu Energy, which holds an important place in Turkey’s economy by the size of its production, export and employment figures as well as its competitiveness across the world markets. Zorlu Energy is part of Zorlu Group, one of the strongest participants in the Turkish energy sector which operates in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Zorlu Energy will use this loan to invest in increasing the capacity of the natural gas cogeneration plant which is located in Lüleburgaz town of Turkey’s northwestern province of Kirklareli. Thanks to this project, it will set up a steam turbine of 25 MW in order to recover and utilize the heat of waste flue gas resulting from the gas turbine of 49.5 W. Consequently, the amount of natural gas used per electricity produced will be decreased by 21%, which will lead to energy efficiency. Using technically 51% of its installed power (12.75 MW), this power plant will provide the energy necessary for the enlightenment of 60,000 houses approximately (of a 250,000-person city). With the completion of the investment in Lüleburgaz plant where currently 37 people are employed, an additional employment opportunity for 5 people will be provided.

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