Plantersbank urges SMEs to go green

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Planters Development Bank (Plantersbank), the Philippines’ leading SME Bank, wants to take the lead in transforming SMEs into green and triple bottomline (3BL) companies like itself. 3BL refers to a business that is earning, helping the community and preserving the environment at the same time.

Plantersbank Chairman and CEO, Ambassador Jesus P. Tambunting cited the bank’s own green initiatives and support for green design and technology of its SME clients. Plantersbank has a strict policy against financing environmentally and socially harmful projects involving coal and child labour.

Plantersbank’s effort to go green combined with its 40 years of service to SMEs enabled it to achieve the so-called triple bottomline, which it calls “People, Profit, and Planet”.

Ambassador Tambunting said, SMEs can also achieve 3BL status by replicating the Plantersbank’s efforts, especially with the help of the bank itself.

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