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Training Resource Book: Improving Risk Management and Financial Disclosure Systems under a Good Corporate Governance Framework

Training Resource Book

This resource book discusses the overview and elements of good corporate governance, emphasizing that the buy-in at all levels of the organization starting from the Board of Directors is critical to its success. The manual then presents the four (4) case studies used during the seminars. The first case study is at a macro level as it is about the 1997 Asian financial crisis. The other two are at the micro or business level as these discuss the experience of a small and medium enterprise (SME) development bank and government pension fund. The fourth case study deals on key performance indicators of State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) as most ADFIAP member-banks are. The resource book’s coverage also includes the history of Basel I and II as they impact on the banks’ capital structure and various aspects of risk management.

Download here Training Resource Book

The Proactive Compliance Officer’s Manual


This Proactive Compliance Officers Manual with the theme, “Expanding the Compliance Monitoring Role to Support the Implementation of Corporate Governance Improvement Programs in Financial Institutions” was prepared with two objectives in mind: (1) to develop a corps of Compliance Officers with a more proactive function of instituting corporate governance improvement programs in ADFIAP member-banks and (b) to encourage them to set-up Compliance Units in their respective institutions to sustain these efforts.

The Manual begins with a broad overview of the traditional mandate of bank compliance officers and why they are best suited to help out in the good governance improvement process within their institutions. A further elaboration ensues on the current available instruments for assessing and improving governance policies and processes, namely, the corporate governance code and the corporate governance ‘scorecard’.

Download here Compliance Officership Manual

Corporate Governance for Sustainability Program (CG4SP) for Development Banks in Asia and the Pacific: A Training Guide


Training Guide Manual was prepared with two objectives. First, it is meant to be a reference tool to provide information and argumentation on the clear link between corporate governance and sustainable development. Second, it is configured as a training guide to encourage ADFIAP member-banks to use it in their own context to further develop the governance-sustainability “framework” that this project aims to achieve.

Download here Corporate Governance for Sustainability Program

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