Phub Dorji, General Manager, Bhutan Development Bank Limited

1. From your perspective, why do you think the SDGs are important for DFIs as a way forward?
The mandate of the Development Finance Institutions to uplift the social wellbeing of communities, preserve the environment and promoting economic growth is perfectly in sync with the SDGs. For these very reasons DFIs must always follow the SDGs while providing financial services to the unserved people.

2. From where your institution operates, how do you think these SDGs will impact inclusive development in your country through your DFI? |

Bhutan Development Bank is owned by the Royal Government of Bhutan. The activities of the bank are closely
linked to the overall socio economic development themes of the country which derives its principles from the
overall development philosophy of “Gross National Happiness” which is also the ultimate aim of the SDGs.

3. What projects have your institution financed /supported that are in line with the SDGs? (e.g., in the areas of poverty reduction, clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, clean water and sanitation, etc.). Please list as many specific projects as possible.

More than 60% of our portfolio is devoted to rural development where we have investment claims in clean energy, improving farming methods for healthy living, improving rural housing, access to education and drinking water, etc.

4. Please provide additional insights or suggestions for ADFIAP to undertake in relation to DFIs and SDGs.

Mores serious studies need to be initiated to reveal the positive impact of DFIs on the overall wellbeing of the communities. Well thought out strategies that have provided positive outcomes need to be shared and emulated by DFIs, therefore sharing success stories and experiences must be encouraged.

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