About DFIs for Corporate Governance

The DFIs for Corporate Governance Project is joint undertaking of the Association of Development financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific, or ADFIAP and the Center for International Private Enterprise or CIPE.

ADFIAP is the focal point of all development banks and other financial institutions engaged in the financing of sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region. Founded in 1976, ADFIAP has currently 100 member-institutions in 40 countries. The Asian Development Bank or ADB is a Special Member of the Association. ADFIAP is also a founding member of the World Federation of Development Financing Institutions or WFDFI composed of regional associations in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East. ADFIAP is an NGO in consultative status with the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council. The permanent Secretariat of ADFIAP is based in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

CIPE is a non-profit affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and one of the four core institutes of the National Endowment for Democracy. CIPE has supported more than 920 local initiatives in 105 developing countries, involving the private sector in policy advocacy and institutional reform, improving governance, and building understanding of market-based democratic systems. CIPE programs are also supported through the United States Agency for International Development.

Follow this link to know more about DFIs for Corporate Governance: https://www.governance-asia.com

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