Level II, ADFIAP Career Credentialing Program (ACCP)

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When: December 1-12, 2009
Place: Manila, Philippines

Brief Description of the Program

This 2-week program is the specialization portion for Level II and intended for candidates who have attended the Core Development Banking Program (Level I). However, participants who are not candidates to the credentialing program can also attend the course on stand-alone basis. This course is relevant for participants from development banks and other development financing institutions. It is also relevant for officials from commercial banks with development finance portfolio.

The general objective of the course is to enhance the managerial and technical capabilities of management level personnel with focus on development banking. In particular the course is designed to equip participants with the understanding of corporate banking management including corporate finance, marketing management, good governance, and peoples management. At the end of the course, the participants will be able to recognize the vital responsibilities of a manager and conceptualize an effective organization.

It consists of two groups of training modules, namely: Module Group 1: General Management and Management of people; and Module Group 2: Bank Operation Management and Financial Management. The first group of modules include, but not limited to, the training modules on: strategic management, management of people, and systematic managerial analysis. The second group of modules include: general discussion of financial management system, treasury and risk management, credit analysis
for long-term investment projects, loan management, and performance management.

Statement of Testimonials

Briefly provided by the participants as their general impression of the seminar (the participants have given their permission for ADFIAP/IDF to use it for testimonial and Promotional reference).

  • As a development finance institution, we need not only focus on the profitable aspect but also on the developmental contribution as well.

    Arsenio C. De Guzman
    Vice President, Account Management Dep’t

  • “Sharpen my understanding of development finance”.


  • ADFIAP’s Career Credentialing Program (Levels I & II) continue to provide the venue/ forum for people of development finance institutions to ensure fluidity/ sustainability of development.

    Cressida M. Alday-Mendoza
    Assistant Department Manager

  • I have attended several ADFIAP sponsored seminars and as always, I have been getting new ideas and information which are personally enriching and very helpful to the discharge of my duties and responsibilities as a senior officer of my institution.

    Federico F. Remo
    Executive Vice President, Operations Group

  • This is an excellent course to be offered not only to DFIs staffs but also to appropriate government agencies in order to better understand the role of DFIs in a developing economy of the nation.


  • This course has surpassed all expectations. I came with very limited knowledge and experience and different perception both of the course and of the Philippines. I’ll go back to my country with so much appreciation of ADFIAP for organizing the course; for the Professor for his wealth of knowledge and experience; and for all Filipinos whom I met and known for being so hospitable and true ambassadors of the Philippines.

    Talasa lumepa Atoa Saaga
    Legal Manager, Legal Division

  • I was able to learn a lot of things on the course offered, both from the lectures, institutional visits, as well as my other colleagues here.


  • Good and very informative.


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