Study Tour Program on SME Financing & Development

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ADFIAP’s Institute of Development Finance (IDF), the career development and training center of the Association, conducted a Study Tour Program on SME Financing & Development, from March 22 to 26, 2010 in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca, Malaysia with the participation of the Association of African DFIs. Thirty (30) participants from the countries of Botswana, Cote d’ Ivoire, Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Palau, Republic of Congo, Sychelles, South Africa, Uganda, Vanuatu and Vietnam attended the event. ADFIAP was represented in the program by Mr. Roy Sobrecarey, ADFIAP Deputy Secretary General & Head, Institute of Development Finance and Ms. Sandra Honrado, ADFIAP Senior Executive for Programs.

The 5-day program is designed to provide the participants with an effective understanding of the policy and regulatory frameworks, business principles, and best practices of SMEs in Malaysia and a platform for the exchange of views and ideas among participants leading to a fuller understanding of the significant roles that financial institutions play in the development of the SME sector in their respective countries.

The institutional visits, with corresponding briefings and interactive discussions, include the Bank Negara Malaysia, SME Corporation, SME Bank Malaysia, Agrobank, CGC, and projects visits to SME in KL, Selangor and Malacca areas.

Specialized Study Tour Program on
Small & Medium-Scale Enterprise Financing & Development

March 22-26, 2010 • Kuala Lumpur & Malacca, Malaysia


The following testimonials were briefly provided by the participants as their general impression of the seminar (the participants have given their permission for ADFIAP/IDF to use it for testimonial and promotional references).

  • A worthy and beneficial learning experience showing what could be derived from cooperation by associations across continents.

    – Mr. Bashir M. Wali
    Executive Director
    Nigerian Export-Import Bank
    Garki-Abuja, NIGERIA

  • The practical experience gained from the study tour should be extended to other institutions/ DFIs and more DFI and SME be encouraged to participate. Listening to success stories from various institutions that participated in the program was an eye-opener …especially to the participants from developing countries. This experience-sharing should be a ‘must’ for our institutions.
    – Mr. Jack O. Okeyo
    Senior Planning & Development Officer
    Kenya Tourist Development Corporation
    Nairobi, KENYA
  • The program has been beneficial to all the participants. Thanks to ADFIAP for making it successful. It was truly a serious commitment for ADFIAP and we hope it will continue working hard to benefit the other continents. . . and closely with AADFI so that we can also improve the SMEs in Africa.
    – Mr. Michael Koross
    Senior Credit Managers
    Kenya Tourist Development Corporation
    Nairobi, KENYA
  • It was a fruitful program as it was a unique opportunity to learn about the Malaysian practices in development financing and SME development. I am very impressed about how much effort the government and other institutions are making to develop the SME sector. I am currently doing a thesis for my Master Degree on challenges and opportunities of SMEs in the Seychelles. What I have learned in the Study Tour Program will contribute immensely to my study.
    – Ms. Annie Vidot
    Loans Manager
    Development Bank of Seychelles
    Victoria, Mahe, SEYCHELLES
  • Relevant SME stakeholders were used to convey explicitly the study tour objectives. Good administration provided. Wide range of opportunities for interaction were given and countries’ experiences were shared. I look forward to attend future ADFIAP training programs in coordination with AADFI.
    – Mr. Usman Shehu Aboki
    Principal Manager, Administrative and Personnel
    National Economic Reconstruction Fund (NERFUND)
    Garki, Abuja, NIGERIA
  • “An eye-opener”. Malaysia leads the way in SME, certainly a country to emulate.
    – Mr. Harley Fletcher
    Commercial loan Officer
    National Development Bank of Palau
    Koror, PALAU
  • The planning execution and general co-ordination was excellent. All institutions visited were briefed in their presentations. On the whole, SME activities in Malaysia should be a model all African countries should adopt.
    – Mr. Nathan Kwaffo
    Head of Operations
    Eximguaranty Co. (GH) Ltd.
    Accra, GHANA
  • I greatly enjoyed the program; the content and quality of lectures were excellent. The only snag was that the program could have been extended by 2 days (an 8-10 day programme instead of 5 days). The practices were excellent and the materials obtained from different institutions would greatly assist me in the writing my proposal for operational positioning in NERFUND. I also request that updates on new developments relating to SMEs in other countries be channeled to us. Malaysia is truly a good example of a successful SME development. Please email me from time to time. Thank You.
    – Mrs. Nkechi Joy Udeala
    Manager, Corporate Planning
    National Economic Reconstruction Fund (NERFUND)
    Garki, Abuja, NIGERIA
  • I’m really impressed by DFIs in Malaysia. Their operations are efficient, which contributes significantly to the development of country. Choosing Malaysia as a place for the program was a good decision.
    – Mr. Pham Ngoc Quang
    Assistant to the Board of Management
    Vietnam Development Bank
    Hanoi, Vietnam
  • By the program, we learned a lot from practical visiting. We shared and learned a lot of experiences and best practices through interactions with the participants and lecturers. I think it would be better if the program was extended for more than one week. Thank you very much!
    – Mr. Do Viet dung
    Credit Analyst/ Export Finance Department
    Vietnam Development Bank
    Hanoi, Vietnam

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