ASKI hurdles certification program on microfinance client protection

After several months of preparation and working on the gaps identified during the initial assessment in November 2014, ASKI has finally received the Smart Campaign Client Protection Certification, on July 22, 2015. ASKI is the first microfinance institution in the Philippines to receive the said certification.

According to the Smart Campaign, “the Certification recognizes that ASKI meets the certification standards of care in implementing all of the Client Protection Principles through its operations, product offerings and treatment of clients. As a Client Protection Certified institution, ASKI demonstrates commitment to keeping clients at the heart of its work and contributing to a more responsible and stable microfinance sector.”

Meanwhile, Microfinanza Rating, the authorized rating agency to do the assessment said in a statement that “the certification is a recognition of the institution’s alignment of the management systems, policies and processes with the Client Protection Principles and the strong commitment from management.

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