ASKI’s renders holistic financial inclusion programs for Filipino migrant workers

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Migrant workers hugely contribute to the economic development of many developing countries, including the Philippines.  The Alalay sa Kaunlaran (Partner in Progress) Inc. (ASKI) is seeking ways to help these migrant workers improve their lives.


Since 2010, the Singapore-based ASKI Global Ltd. has been focusing at providing Filipino migrant workers with access to appropriate financial services, and this leads in the development of the first model of cross-border microfinancing in Asia. Cross-border microfinancing, the ASKI Global way, involves overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) – initially those based in Singapore, along with their respective families in the Philippines, to embark in financial activities that lead to the realization of dreams of having sustainable and sufficient sources of income in the home country and be reunited with their families. The first step towards availing this program is for the OFWs and their families to have close consultation with ASKI Global. The family, then, avails of a business loan from ASKI Microfinance.  In areas where ASKI has no operations, the loan is provided by an ASKI microfinance institution-partner.  The family operates the business in the Philippines and the relative OFW pays for the loan through his or her monthly remittances.  This model is ASKI’s response to the call for financial inclusion of OFWs and their families.


ASKI Global also partners with the ASKI Skills and Knowledge Institute, Inc to provide back-to-back financial and values education to OFWs and their families to ensure that the families will appreciate the hard work of the OFWs and to value every cent of the remittance sent home.


To further serve the OFW and their families, ASKI Global developed the Financial Education (FinEd) Course that teaches participants financial competence, financial responsibility or taking control of their financial decisions and taking risks to pursue financial goals. To date, 2,070 migrant workers including Filipinos, Malay, Singaporeans, Indonesians and Sri Lankans have graduated from the program under the Financial Education, Basic Entrepreneurship, and Personality Development modules.  Some of them have already established their businesses back home and reunited with their families.


ASKI’s program “Back-to-Back Training for OFWs and Their Families” was given a Merit Award in the ADFIAP 2015 Outstanding Development Projects under Human Capital Development Category.

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