BIM, KfW to collaborate on infrastructure projects

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Ali-Ashraf Afkhami, Chairman and Head of the Board of Directors of BIM, announced that there will be a wide-ranging collaboration between BIM and KfW Development Bank in different fields.  His announcement was made during the Financial and Economic Opportunity Analysis Conference, held in Frankfurt, Germany.  The BIM Chairman, drawing attention to the positive conditions for BIM’s presence on the global stage, said that the KfW Development Bank has declared their readiness to collaborate with the Bank on infrastructural projects within the country.


Mr. Afkhami added that the KfW grants around €20-30bn of facilities to small, medium and large German industrial units, especially those working on infrastructure. This is very similar to the type of financing that BIM provides. The Chairman also commented that after the meetings with the Chairmen of Deutsche Bank and A.K.A. Bank from Germany, there were talks regarding various interactions between these parties, and it was agreed to begin wide-ranging collaborations in the fields of education and knowledge experience exchange.

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