BIM: Protecting the environment from industrial contamination

Bank of Industry and Mine (BIM) recognizes the importance of funding projects that protect the environment, thus, it has financed the construction of the Rah Pooyah Company, the largest center managing industrial waste in the Middle East, with the aim to initiate the production line of refractory ash followed by waste elimination.

Rah Pooyah Company’s production capacity reaches up to 10,800 tons per year and was constructed and developed on a ground with area of 50,000 sq. m. in Koopayeh City in the Iranian province of Esfahan. The project was realized with a total investment of 350 million Rials, with BIM putting in 105 million Rials and 10.1 million Euros as facilities. Machinery and equipment were purchased from France and the project led to the employment of more than 150 people from the region. The project is capable of eliminating industrial waste of 75,600 tons per year and it is also capable of producing 20,000 megawatt electricity per year.

The Rah Pooyah Saleh Plant project won the 2016 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project Awards under the Environmental Category.

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