BPMB offers executive trainee program

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As part of its initiative to increase employability of Malaysian graduates, Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad (BPMB) is offering the Executive Trainee Program (ETP). The program is designed to familiarize fresh graduates with the working environment and, at the same time, develop their leadership and interpersonal skills.  Successful candidate will undergo a twelve (12) months program, inclusive of 1.5 months soft-skills development and 10.5 months on-the-job training at various departments and subsidiaries of BPMB. BPMB is a development financial institution (DFI) owned by the Malaysian Government through the Minister of Finance Inc. The Bank is mandated to provide medium to long-term financing to capital-intensive industry, which include infrastructure projects, maritime, oil and gas and high technology sectors. https://www.bpmb.com.my/ourpeople/graduate.asp

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