CDB promotes rigorous bank governance, rule of law

China Development Bank (CDB) recently held a working conference on cadre supervision in Beijing where CDB Party Committee Secretary and Chairman, Mr .Hu Huaibang, stressed that all staff members of the Bank should align their thoughts and actions with the spirit of the 4th Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee to promote rigorous bank governance with the rule of law, tightening up on cadre supervision and striving to achieve new progress in development finance. Bank employees were briefed on the need to fully understand the true spirit of the plenary session: the strategic importance of promoting the rule of law; the connection between CPC leadership and the rule of law and that between rule of law and Constitution-based governance; the scientific foundation of the socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics and the administrative and policy framework to fully implement the rule of law. Also covered during the meeting were issues regarding management strategies and business development; management and risk control and discipline reinforcement in keeping with the rule of law, thereby pushing forward CDB reform legislation, ensuring operation compliance, standardizing various business development and improving its law implementation and supervisory systems. The Bank reiterates that it will continue to accommodate various needs of the national development strategy, proactively applying the rule-of-law-oriented approach throughout the reform and development programs, actively enhancing the bank’s governance standard as well as its ability to fulfil strategic needs for national development.

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