DBJamaica supports CG training for SMEs

Involving the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in good governance practices benefits them in many ways like attracting more investments, generating higher growth and creating more employment. Giving the SME the needed support in this area is essential to sustain their growth and development.

For the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ), supporting the SMEs is an important part of its operation that is why it is supporting the “Corporate Governance Training for MSMEs” project by providing an approved grant support of J$1,728,654 to the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ).

Through this project, SMEs will be able to learn knowledge, best practices, and create awareness in the MSME Sector on the importance of adopting a basic level of corporate governance that will make them more robust, better manage risks and be more bankable and investable

The PSOJ has been actively delivering corporate governance training for existing and potential directors using the new Code framework.

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