DBRB to continue financial support to SMEs

The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus adopted Resolution No. 91 according to which the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus (DBRB) shall continue rendering financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The volume of financing planned for 2017 is BYN 90 million.
Resolution No. 91 specifies additional mechanism of rendering financial support through credits granted by partner-banks to leasing companies with further leasing out of the property to SMEs. Thus, SMEs now have the possibility to receive funding not only directly from the banks, but also from leasing companies in the Republic of Belarus.

In 2014, DBRB championed the government’s program of supporting the SMEs. The areas of financial support are not constant and can be changed depending on the priority government goals. As of today, the program is implemented with the participation of 12 commercial partner-banks and a leasing company.

As of December 30, 1016, DBRB has financed 712 investment projects from its own resources. The total volume of credit agreements concluded was BYN 85.62 million. The total value of projects funded on account of the DBRB’s resources is about BYN 244.85 million.

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