DBRB provides access to education for children in rural areas via school bus project

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The quality of education given to school children is essential to bring out their full potential and the provision of safe school buses transporting them to quality schools is important as well. The Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus (DBRB) has been in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Belarus in providing quality education for children in Belarus residing in rural areas.  For its part, DBRB has designed the “School Bus Project” to help transport school children from small villages lacking schools to the nearest educational institutions.  As part of the project, DBRB plans to purchase at least 300 units of specially equipped school buses within the period 2013-2017.  DBRB is going to invest over USD 20 million for this project.


The benefits of the “School Bus Project” includes increased availability of educational services for children from rural areas; creation of equal conditions of obtaining high-quality general and supplementary education in rural areas; lessen the risk of car accidents, children’s death and injuries during transportation by school buses; renovation of the worn out and outdated vehicle park that do not meet safety requirements of children’s transportation.


New school buses, designed specifically for rural areas, enable to transport approximately 6000 children everyday by operating within more than 300 routes with total length of more than 10,000 km.  As part of the Program, women are welcome to apply as bus school bus drivers.


DBRB’s “School Bus Project” was a recipient of a Merit Award in the 2015 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project Award under the Corporate Social Responsibility category.


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