DFCC Bank initiates learning program on social and economic change

As the pioneer development bank which fosters and nurtures entrepreneurship and development in Sri Lanka, DFCC Bank is committed to be a catalyst for positive social and economic change, hence the project “6S Implementation in Schools Project”.  Initiated by DFCC Bank in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, this project is a holistic program to introduce, educate and train primary school students and teachers in the use and application of the Japanese Principles of ‘5S’ and Safety (‘6S’) and 3R (Reduce-Reuse- Recycle) concepts. Since its inception in 2009, 100 schools from around the country have benefited from the project. The first objective of the project was to teach children at an early age to work in an organized manner in a clean and streamlined environment. As the project unfolded, children developed habits that will lead them to the final goal of becoming adults who have high productivity levels and good work ethics. Secondly, through the adoption of ‘3R’ concepts, children are taught values of environmental guardianship thus instilling a respect for the environment and the need to conserve resources.

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