DFCC, GIZ Germany team up for energy-efficient SMEs

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Sri Lanka’s DFCC Bank was recently chosen to be a project partner of GIZ GmbH, commonly known as German Development Cooperation. The project intends to guide and direct small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to employ energy efficient processes, thereby benefiting the organization and the environment. Apart from targeted workshops and knowledge sessions, selected SMEs will have walk through energy audits performed on their operations which would be an added benefit.  Another component of this program is the integration of energy considerations into the Bank’s project evaluation process and bank staff will be specially trained in this aspect of project evaluation. Participation in this project is in line with DFCC’s development role as it meets the objectives of promoting energy efficiency, as well as nurturing SMEs to become more viable and cost effective. GIZ as a federal enterprise supports the German government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. DFCC Consulting (Pvt) Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of DFCC Bank, will facilitate and coordinate the entire program on behalf of the Bank.

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