DFCC: Institutionalizing a cohesive value-based culture (newsletter, e-newsletter)

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The DFCC Bank (Sri Lanka) is cognizant of the positive impact of having a more productive and engaging corporate culture. This is why in 2016, DFCC launched a major initiative on building a cohesive value-based internal culture at the Bank. The project has introduced several new initiatives that enhanced the external perception of DFCC as an employer choice as well as provided employees with mechanisms for personal and professional development.

A summary of some of the major initiatives implemented under this project are as follows: (a) hiring and welcoming (b) developing (c) listening and speaking (d) celebrating, rewarding and thanking (e) employee welfare, (f) contributing (g) networking and (h) drive a value-based culture. DFCC believes that these initiatives will help employees become more responsible, increase motivation, loyalty and retention, which all affects the bottom line.

DFCC Bank’s “Building a Cohesive Value-based Internal Culture” received a Merit Award in the 2018 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project Award under the human capital development category.

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