IFCI launches new infra development unit

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Taking forward its mandate of development and creation of infrastructural capacities, IFCI established the Project Development Group (PDG) as its infrastructure development arm, with a team of professionals that work seamlessly to provide end-to-end solutions to the infrastructure sector that includes project conception, techno-economic viability study, financial advisory, monitoring of implementation and commercial production of the projects in sectors like power generation (thermal, hydro, wind, solar, biomass, etc.) as well as power transmission, roads, port & port services, logistics and urban infrastructure with developers holding at least 26% in the form of equity or equity-related products such as compulsory convertible debentures (CCD), optionally-convertible debenture (OCD), etc. IFCI also provides assistance in the form of underwriting, syndication, equity, CCD, OCD, mezzanine products, debt (both senior and sub) and others.

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