IPDC Finance’s CSR focuses on children, women and underserved communities

Giving back to the community through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs is highly regarded by the IPDC Finance Limited (Bangladesh). This is manifested in its various CSR programs mainly focused on the welfare of children, women and those underserved communities.
Some of the CSR activities that IPDC Finance have accomplished included the distribution of nebulizers and blankets to children in the regions which are mostly affected by winter season; building schools and distribution of bicycles to school children; establishment of libraries; distribution of books to children; sponsorship of the Rights and Sight of Children (RSC) program, and funding of the “Toys are Yours” campaign for children.

With profound concern for sustainable development, IPDC Finance, in cooperation with the Terre des Hommes (TDH), also financed the promotion and plantation of Moringa Trees in the northern district of Bangladesh as part of their effort environmental protection initiative. IPDC Finance chose Moringa because of the myriads of nutritional benefits it can give. Moringa trees were planted in forty seven (47) clinics from 31 unions and also benefiting four hundred forty six (446) families who receive three (3) pieces of Moringa cuttings to be planted in their homes.

IPDC Finance Limited’s “Commitment Broad-Spectrum” project won the 2017 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project Award, under the Corporate Social Responsibility Category.

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