JCorp starts entrepreneurship program with school children

JCorp is steadfast in encouraging the young generation to actively involve themselves in entrepreneurial activities as an alternative to generate income and ensuring a bright future. Its involvement in entrepreneurship programs began in 1992 with the launch of Tunas BISTARI, an entrepreneurship program for secondary school students around Johor followed by Siswa BISTARI, an entrepreneurship program for students of higher education institutions in 2004. Upon the success of both programs, JCorp extended the entrepreneurship program to primary students in Johor through the launch of Didik BISTARI in 2005 which was also supported by the Education Department of Johor.


In 2015 alone, 70 secondary schools and 100 primary schools were involved in the Tunas BISTARI and Didik BISTARI programs, with participation from 1,000 primary school students and 1,050 secondary school students. Tunas BISTARI had received strong support from all participating parties. Participation demand for the program had also increased. Up to June 2015, a total of 19,675 students and 174 schools involved in this program. For Didik BISTARI program, 135 primary schools are involved with participation from 8,410 students.

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