NDB conducts fire drill for its staff and tenants

The National Development Bank (NDB) recently conducted a fire drill practice for its staff and tenants at its headquarters in Waigani, Papa New Guinea. NDB’s Managing Director, Moses Liu said fire drills in the workplace were an essential part of fire safety procedures for many reasons. “Not only do they ensure that staff, customers and visitors to our premises understand what is required in the event of a fire, but they also help us to test the effectiveness of our fire evacuation plan and to improve certain aspects of our fire provisions.”  Mr. Liu commended the efforts of the fire wardens for their quick action to evacuating all staff out the building in an orderly fashion. Mr. Liu told those whose were present to take drills seriously as though it was a real emergency and added that preparedness was the key to saving lives and preventing fires. He encouraged them to support and participate in this initiative so they are familiar with the emergency protocols. The fire drill follows the fire warden training that was undertaken by the management team who are fire wardens for their respective divisions.

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