NDBP wins a global green award

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The National Development Bank of Palau’s (NDBP) innovative Energy Loan Programs that support low-carbon homes wins a cash prize from the 2013 Ashden Awards. NDBP’s efforts in implementing innovative energy loan programs were recognized recently at the 2013 Ashden Awards, the world’s leading green energy prize.  The NDBP President/CEO, Mrs. Sandra D. Mincer, represented the NDBP at a week-long event which was held in London, England from June 17 to 21, 2013. The NDBP’s award category the Small Island Developing States Awards was supported by SIDS DOCK and the World Bank. Two of the Bank’s Energy Loan Programs, the Energy Efficient Subsidy Loan Program (EESP) and the Renewable Energy Subsidy Loan Program (RESP) were submitted as a joint application with the Palau Energy Office.

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