NPPF promotes green development through hydropower

The Bhutan-based National Pension and Provident Fund (NPPF) is aware of the ecological crisis our planet is facing today and this prompted NPPF to venture in a project that is not related to its mandate as an organization responsible for the management and administration of the civil and the armed forces old age retirement plans.  The 126 MW Dagachhu Hydro-power Project is the world’s first cross-border clean development mechanism (CDM) initiative.  The NPPF takes pride in having undertaken this project that will help minimize threats and educate about environmental risk to a greater mass and promote environmental progress across the borders with India.  Since most of the power generated in Bhutan is exported to India, the Dagachhu project is expected to help meet the demand of power and reduce green house gas emissions in India as well as reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 500,000 tons per year.  In addition, the project promotes green trade and a green economy as well as stimulates low carbon growth, diffusing low carbon technology and exploring green power for innovative and green sustainable development.  NPPF is looking forward to investing to more CDM projects with the belief that living as one in this world in every one’s responsibility. NPPf’s “From the Strength of Hydro-power to Sustainable Green Development:  Dagachhu Hydro-Power Project in Bhutan” was the winner of the ADFIAP Sustainable Project Awards in 2014 under the Environmental Development category.

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