Pak Oman supports physically and mentally-handicapped children

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Pak Oman’s CSR arm, ‘Friends of Life’, has been giving donations in cash and in kind to the Dar Ul Sukun, a home for 150 physically and mentally-handicapped children.

The centre has a team of committed and dedicated nuns working to rehabilitate a normal life in society for its inmates. Dar Ul Sukun offers education, food, shelter and medical aid to those in need. The centre caters to the individual requirements of its inmates and thus, sends them to special schools and hospitals as per their condition. Inmates also take part in the Special Olympics.

The ‘Friends of Life’ committee makes monthly donations and members of the committee frequently visit the centre in order to support the organization’s humanitarian efforts.

‘Friends of Life’ initially donated groceries but has now shifted to cash donations in order to allow the organization to pay its medical, electrical and water supply bills.

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