SHC provides housing under its HAS Build Project

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An abode is one of the basic human needs beside food and clothing, and the Samoa Housing Corporation (SCH) is very much aware of this. To provide housing for its constituents, SCH has cooperated with the Habitat for Humanity of New Zealand (HfHNZ Samoa), and the Adventist Development & Relief Agency (ADRA Samoa) for the HAS Build Project (HAS stands for , Habitat for Humanity of New Zeland, Adventist Development & Relief Agancy and Samoa Housing Corporation).

HAS Build Project is an initiative that targets over 400 families in Samoa living non-disasters resilient homes or in sub-standard housing. Those qualified for this project will be taken through integrated pathways of participation in the form of orientation on the project processes, selection criterion, and financial literacy trainings, building disasters resilient homes methods, and on loan selection policies and loan terms. The ultimate aims of these pathways are to equip the participants with the appropriate knowledge and realistic expectations on what the project offers or can do for them in the long run.

The three year building project relies strongly on the SHC in terms of funding through concessional interest rates loans to the selected families who satisfy the SHC lending policies. Apart from that, the level of need for housing improvements must be identified by the selection panel consisting of members from the three institutions. SHC plays a vital role in this mission which it forecasted and budgeted USD740,000 to ensure that this project meets its goal and targets in the next three years.

Since December 2015, SHC has approved forty (40) projects with over $350,000 already disbursed to the selected suppliers for the supplies of building materials and transport costs. SHC is committed to making this project a success to elevate the living conditions of its constituents with safer and healthier environment.

SHC’s HAS Build Project was a recipient of a Merit Award in the 2016 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project under the Corporate Social Responsibility Category.

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